First consultation

The very first examination begins with a detailed talk about the patient’s medical history

  • the patient’s current needs and expectations
  • a gynecological and medical history e.g. period, pregnancy, any past surgery
  • past and current health problems
  • discussion about lifestyle, eating habits and sport activities, personal resources and struggles

During this discussion my patient gets to know me and I learn a lot about her and her health situation.

Generally it is followed by the

Routine examination

The routine examination usually consists in:

  • PAP - test
  • A palpatoric pelvic exam
  • A swab for any germs and infection
  • A vaginal sonography
  • And finally a breast exam

A deviation of this routine is possible according to the patients wishes and needs.


During pregnancy a routine examination includes:

  • Examination of the urine sample
  • A body weight and blood pressure check up
  • A sonogram to exam baby´s growth an evolution
  • a swap to assure the lack of harmful germs