In the rare and unpleasant case you would need any surgery, the procedure would be:


First a long and detailed discussion will take place whereby all of your questions will be answered. Together we will discuss the diagnosis, the technique of the surgery and alternative treatment options.

I will also inform you about preliminaries and duration of hospitalisation, as well as required time of recovery.
Every information will be written in a form you will take home and bring signed before the surgery. This concludes your approval.
Worries and anxiety in such a situation are normal, therefore i wish to answer all of your questions, to eliminate at least uncertainty.

Surgery appointments

We will schedule the surgery together.

The operation

In some cases I operate with an appropriate specialist in order to get the best possible treatment for you. In this way we can treat you with the most modern medical standards available.

After surgery care

After surgery and for the duration of your stay in hospital, I will take care of you, to monitor the progress of your recovery and to ensure your wellbeeing.