I did my professional formation in Semmelweisklinik where we had more then 3000 deliveries a year and pregnancy and delivery was a topic of high priority.

I learned normal deliveries, breach, forceps, vacuum and cesarean section.

Therfore I love to attend to your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is always a very exciting life event an there are sooo many questions, and it´s a pleasure to me to give an answer to all of them.

I recommend examinations about once a month, if no special care is required, including a sonography to observ the proper growth of your child, a check of your blood pressure, urine test, weight control, CTG from week 36.... and questions!

There are additional "prenatal tests" that are highly depending on your needs and wishes, like combined test or non-invasiv-prenatal-test NIPT in the first trimester, and organscreening in second trimester.