Besides the standard gynecological care I have specialised in some special fields of women's health.

I wish and try to establish a cosy situation of trust and open mind, to assure the best setting for diagnose and treatment. Seeing that we talk about a particularly personal and intimate matter.

Hormones are an essential part of our feminity and they influence our body’s and psychological well-being. In all our different quaters of life they play a main role.
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Young girls
As a mother of two girls and speaking from personal and professional experience, I know how sensitive the topic of gynaecology in general and sexuality is, especially for young girls.
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Pregnancies and deliveries
I did my professional formation in Semmelweisklinik where we had more then 3000 deliveries a year and pregnancy and delivery was a topic of high priority.
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Delicate fields
Some particular very intimate questions or problems require an atmosfer of empathy and respect.
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